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Weekly Roundup - 6/13/22

This week: Now online from the Soviet Issue, Zoé Samudzi reviews Yevgeniy Fiks’s anthology of representations of Africans and African Americans in Soviet media, The Wayland Rudd Collection. Ari M. Brostoff concludes the Slow Burn reading series on the Book of Exodus that began a month into the pandemic lockdown. Ben Gassman reviews Mona Mansour’s Vagrant Trilogy, a major New York play centered on a Palestinian life.

Plus, a poem by Kyle Carrero Lopez, introduced by Claire Schwartz. And from the newsletter, David Klion interviews James King, a criminal justice activist in the Bay Area, about the Chesa Boudin recall in San Francisco, and Isaac Scher reports on Israel’s new legislative efforts to criminalize the Palestinian flag.

An Object Not Meant to Object

On The Wayland Rudd Collection

Zoé Samudzi
Slow Burn: Quarantine Edition
Exodus: Pekudai
Can people in pursuit of freedom trust each other?
Ari M. Brostoff
The Family at Breakfast

Mona Mansour’s Vagrant Trilogy put a subtle, unapologetic portrait of a Palestinian life on a major New York stage.

Ben Gassman
Gay Travel (or Music Makes the People Come Together)
“B slid through security checkpoint / after security checkpoint, // each playing a different era of Madonna.”
Kyle Carrero Lopez
After Chesa Boudin
James King, a criminal justice reform activist in the Bay Area, discusses the progressive San Francisco district attorney in the wake of a successful recall campaign.
David Klion
Israel Moves to Ban the Palestinian Flag
New legislation would criminalize the display of the colors of “any enemy state” at public institutions.
Isaac Scher