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Call for Bund-Related Submissions! Deadline 10/23

Jacob Plitman
October 7, 2017
THIS YEAR MARKS the 120th anniversary of the Jewish Labor Bund. What was the Bund? In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Bund was a mass-membership Jewish Socialist organization dedicated to class struggle. At its peak, it boasted 40,000 active members, schools, gymnasiums, and Jewish self defense units. Though its relationship to other Leftist movements was complicated, the Bund was committed to fighting for revolution in solidarity with their goyishe compatriots in Poland, Russia and beyond. And this year marks 120 years, hundert un tsvantsik yor, since its founding. Read about the Bund’s rise and fall at our website, and a panorama of the Bund at its peak here. For a really complete story, read former Currents board member Louis Harap z’’l, “The Bund Revisited” -- Parts I, II, III, IV and V. To honor and explore the Bund’s history, present and possible futures, we are calling for submissions. Accepted works are eligible for compensation.
  • Opinion -- pro and con
  • Perspectives from current Bundist/Socialist activists
  • History
  • New and old translations
  • Poetry and art
Send your work to, an editor will reply shortly!

Jacob Plitman was the publisher of Jewish Currents from 2017-2022, during which time he stewarded the relaunch of the magazine.