Authors / Nathan Goldman

Nathan Goldman is the managing editor of Jewish Currents.

The Nothing Letters
What might bloom in non-being?
Nathan Goldman and Claire Schwartz April 24, 2023
A Fatal Disease
“The thought that his end was imminent always gave him a sense of release and new vitality.”
Susan Taubes April 17, 2023
The Conglomeration of Literature
The antitrust case against Penguin Random House’s acquisition of Simon & Schuster has reignited longstanding anxieties about corporate consolidation in publishing.
Nathan Goldman August 25, 2022
Can Minneapolis Reimagine Policing?
A proposed new department would include professionals like mental health workers alongside cops.
Nathan Goldman October 29, 2021
That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore
In The Netanyahus, Joshua Cohen tries and fails to reanimate the canonical Jewish American novel.
Nathan Goldman September 29, 2021
Ghost in the Machine
Intellectual historian Peter E. Gordon discusses the role of theology and secularization in the work of the Frankfurt School philosophers.
Nathan Goldman March 16, 2021
The Sound of Messianic Time
Yo La Tengo’s new drone album, released into the formlessness of quarantine, evokes the unfulfilled waiting of Jewish messianism.
Nathan Goldman August 14, 2020
Taking Care
In the Twin Cities over the past week, protesters refused the state’s mythic monopoly on care, and thus its thin alibi for its violence.
Nathan Goldman and Claire Schwartz June 5, 2020
Kaddish for David Berman
His albums took up the grand project of Jewishness, to which he came honestly: wrestling with God, playing the stranger.
Arielle Angel and Nathan Goldman August 9, 2019
By What Law
Israel triumphed in acquiring a large stash of Kafka’s manuscripts. But does Israel—or anyone—really get to to claim Kafka as their own?
Nathan Goldman September 25, 2018