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Summer 2016

July 14, 2016

Make Her Do It” — The Editors on pushing Hillary to the left

“It’s Back!” — The Editors on leftwing and rightwing anti-Semitism

Mitchell Abidor on Solidarity with Muslims

Zelda Gamson on Getting Old

Rabbi Judy Weiss on Tisha b’Av in the Age of Climate Change

Lawrence Bush on Lenny Bruce

Marc Jampole: Were the New Deal and the Great Society Un-American?

Helen Engelhardt on Rosa Luxemburg

Bennett Muraskin on the Spanish Civil War

New York Miniatures by Alan Wolfson

Yiddish Incantations by Rebecca Boroson

“Hello, Deli!” — The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Deli, by Mikhail Horowitz

Naomi Rothberg on Michael Wex’s Rhapsody in Shmaltz

Kenneth Kann on Two Generations of Jewish Radicals

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