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Weekly Roundup - 11/21/22

This week: From the Summer 2022 issue, Anna Lukashevsky interviews Ukrainian refugees in Israel about their experiences, while also painting them. Zoé Samudzi reviews the Philip Guston retrospective exhibit, which she accuses of sanitizing the artist’s work depicting Klansmen in the wake of the George Floyd uprisings. Alisa Solomon reviews Tom Stoppard’s play Leopoldstadt.

Plus, from the newsletter, Alex Kane reports on AIPAC’s largely successful midterm spending blitz.

Art Reportage
Faces of Flight
Ukrainian refugees in Israel cannot be reduced to any single narrative.
Anna Lukashevsky
Under the Hood
A sanitized Philip Guston retrospective tries so hard not to offend that it skirts around the most interesting aspect of Guston’s work: his meditations on the American Jewish relationship to anti-Black violence.
Zoé Samudzi
Attention Must Be Paid

Tom Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt expects us to shed fresh tears at a worn out conclusion.

Alisa Solomon
AIPAC Spent Big to Defeat Progressives This Election Cycle
The lobbying group’s $28.5 million blitz could make Democrats think twice about criticizing Israel.
Alex Kane