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June 10: Gina Gershon

June 9, 2016

gina-gershon-2015-wallpaper-4Actress and voluptuary Gina Gershon, who recently put together a spot-on spoof on Melania Trump (see below) as a follow up to her savaging of Sarah Palin in 2008, was born in Los Angeles on this date in 1962. Gershon has had many mid-sized parts in middling films and television movies, and perhaps has her largest following in the gay community because of her roles as lesbians in three different films (before it was a safe choice for an ambitious Hollywood actress to make). “I do have guilt over [not being gay] sometimes,” she quipped to The Advocate. “I always come up with different titles of books that I could write, and that was the title yesterday: I’m So Sorry I’m Not Really a Lesbian.” Early in her career, Gershon was a founder of the New York-based theater group Naked Angels, which produced plays on GLBTQ and controversial social themes and included actors Marisa Tomei, Rob Morrow, Mary Stuart Masterson, and others. Gershon has also been on Broadway as Sally Bowles in Cabaret and in several other roles.

“I would love to do a big studio movie, just because they’re going to put the money into distributing it. A lot of times you do these little movies, you love them and they never get seen by anyone.” —Gina Gershon