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In this issue, you’ll find a series of deep dives into how Jewish organizations are dealing with a shifting reality in Israel: Jacob Hutt and Alex Kane on how the Anti-Defamation League has prioritized Israel advocacy over its civil rights work; Aaron Freedman on the uncertain future of the millennial anti-occupation group IfNotNow; Mari Cohen on the fight over Zionism within the socialist youth movement Habonim Dror; Jess Rohan on the flaws of the Israeli–Palestinian dialogue model at the heart of the coexistence camp Seeds of Peace. In a staff responsa, the editors discuss the limitations of the Jewish left’s appropriation of the right’s strategy on antisemitism. In reviews, Raphael Magarik reflects on the American Jewish philanthropic complex, and Judith Butler considers a new collection of Kafka’s fragments. In honor of the poet Paul Celan’s 100th birthday, we have a special section that includes contributions from Anne Carson and Peter Cole and a conversation between Fanny Howe and translator Pierre Joris. Plus, fiction, comics, and more!

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Table of Contents

How Not To Fight Antisemitism – The Editors
By appropriating the right’s strategy on antisemitism, the Jewish left has trapped itself in an empty discourse.

Marilyn Golden – interview by Maddy Ruvolo

Flu, 1918 – Rose Riegelhaupt

The Odd Years – Morgan Bassichis

All Talk – Jess Rohan
Alumni and staff of Seeds of Peace now say the coexistence camp’s dialogue model does more harm than good.

How the ADL’s Israel Advocacy Undermines Its Civil Rights Work – Jacob Hutt & Alex Kane
CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has repeatedly chosen to support crackdowns on criticism of Israel over protecting civil liberties, putting him in conflict with his own civil rights office.

What Happened to IfNotNow? – Aaron Freedman
The close of the Trump era finds the millenial anti-occupation group at a crossroads.

Revising the Dream – Mari Cohen
Members of Habonim Dror are pushing back on Zionism’s centrality in the socialist youth movement.

Poetry by Paul Celan

Meditations on Celan – Aria Aber, Chase Berggrun, Anne Carson, Peter Cole, and Michael Hoffman with etchings by Gisèle Celan-Lestrange

Celan’s Ferryman – Fanny Howe
Translator Pierre Joris discusses a life lived with the poet’s work.

Portrait of a Siege – Lakshmi Padmanabhan
Jehad al-Saftawi’s photographs in My Gaza make up an intimate archive of daily life amid destruction.

The Haircut – Kayla Ginsburg

Sick Day – Dea Hadar

Material Conditions – Sheila Regan
Rachel Breen’s textile work connects the garment industry to the suffering that sustains it.

Lost and Unfounded – Judith Butler
On The Lost Writings

Who Owns American Judaism? – Raphael Magarik
On The American Jewish Philanthropic Complex

A Compendium of Severance – Jess Bergman
On Divorcing