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Channel Esther: Netanyahu Soundly Defeats Rival, or Delicatessan

Esther Cohen
March 14, 2015

by Esther Cohen
Oy Gevald copy

How is it possible he
could be elected
good at making people
afraid want to
feel afraid then
believe a man like him
makes them safer
yesterday’s election
didn’t know what to do
stared obsessively
at my phone Haaretz
blog streaming how could
he win what if he won
I asked my friend Abigail
obsessed as I am
to go see
Deli Man in the middle
of the afternoon
one lone Indian in the
audience she actually thought
the title was a typo
we watched the story
of delicatessens especially
about a deli owner in Houston
named Ziggy his life
pastrami sandwiches
he says he was born
85 year old Jew
small funny movie
we watched this movie
to give us hope that
no matter what happened
if Netanyahu won
how could he
how could that even happen
we would continue
in any way we could imagine
to try. To try what
would always be
the question.

Esther Cohen writes poems nearly daily at I Am and I Am Not.