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Channel Esther: Lucinda and the Clairvoyant

Esther Cohen
July 10, 2014
220px-Blue_vacuum_cleaner.svgLucinda, This Morning Cleaning our house, She stopped the vacuum cleaner Turned it off she doesn’t usually turn off the vacuum cleaner her white noise my guess is Lucinda sleeps with her vacuum cleaner nearby just in case this morning she turned It off. Hava she said. I am usually unnamed. I knew it was important. Hava she repeated with a Lucinda insistence. I hated my fourth husband and now he’s dead she said. Last week I visited a clairvoyant she saw him floating up there she heard him say Forgive Me Lucinda. He was an abusive jerk. Never I shouted. He can keep floating wherever he is for the rest of his death. Eternity, she said. And you know what else Lucinda added, moving toward her vacuum cleaner to let me know her story was almost finished. The clairvoyant agreed with me. What a shmuck, She said. Esther Cohen is a contributing writer to Jewish Currents and works with us as arts and public events consultant. Her books include Book Doctor, a novel, and Unseen America: Photos and Stories by Workers, among others.