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Channel Esther: Hillary, Bernie, and Donald Trump

Esther Cohen
February 25, 2016

by Esther Cohen

c540ab984e20e78ab3c4d3e7ad7463291d96d896Hillary, Bernie and Donald Trump
scores of people
discuss them on our flatscreen
on the subway
do not discuss
their love lives
just Hillary and Bernie,
and then,
Donald Trump
about how
qualified Hillary is
how Bernie stands for
what we all do
yes public education
should be free
yesterday I shared
a cab with a woman
Hillary or Bernie
she said when she got in
and we did not mind
the traffic jam
another opportunity
to debate our
familiar litany
inevitable conclusion
could Trump ever win
and even though
it’s a while away
I look
forward to Hillary
or Bernie and all of us
our love lives
once again.

Esther Cohen works as arts consultant with Jewish Currents and is author of God Is a Tree, among other books.