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Autumn 2014

September 14, 2014

The Editors on Immigration: “Mother of Exiles: Let the Kids In

The Editors: “Hard to Be a Progressive Jew

David Rothenberg on Why Prisons Don’t Work

Marvin S. Zuckerman on Two Days with I.B. Singer

Lawrence Bush on Sharing the Wealth

Arthur Waskow on Moving Our Money to Save Our Planet

Ron Skolnik on What’s Next for Israel and Palestine

Nancy Romer on the Food Justice Movement

Ellen Cassedy on Lithania’s Difficult Journey

Reba Carmel on the Psychological and Communal Aspects of Rosh Hashone

Mitchell Abidor on Argentina’s Fascist Past

Marc Kaminsky’s “First Cousins,” a visit to Israel in verse

Joel Shatzky on the Rise of Charter Schools

Meyer Rothberg on Tools of Psychotherapy

Marc Jampole on Piketty’s Capital on the Twenty-First Century

Anna Wrobel on Germany’s Pre-Nazi History

Murray Citron on Reuben Iceland and Di Yunge of Yiddish Literature

Dick Flacks on Pete Seeger & HUAC

and even more!