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Days of Rest
On anti-work politics and the meaning of Shabbat
The Editors January 17, 2023
Letter from the Editors
2022 at Jewish Currents
A look back at our work this year.
The Editors December 22, 2022
Letter from the Editors
2021 at Jewish Currents
The Editors December 27, 2021
Contextualizing the Crisis in Israel/Palestine
A selection of our articles from the past few years.
The Editors May 18, 2021
How Not to Fight Antisemitism
By appropriating the right’s strategy on antisemitism, the Jewish left has trapped itself in an empty discourse—and a counterproductive pose of victimhood.
The Editors April 5, 2021
Siege Mentality
The Jewish Currents editorial staff discusses what the Capitol putsch means for the right and the left.
The Editors January 12, 2021
Letter from the Editors
Jewish Currents 2020 Year in Review
A look back at the work we published this year that made the biggest impact.
The Editors December 28, 2020
Justice You Shall Pursue
The religious tenor of public mourning for RBG reveals a conflation of Jewishness with American liberalism, which forecloses the possibility of reckoning with either.
The Editors October 9, 2020
The Struggle Begins at Home
Reimagining housing as the ground shifts under our feet
The Editors September 29, 2020
an american pickle
A Pickle-Shaped Void
The Jewish Currents editorial staff falls into a vat of brine.
The Editors August 11, 2020
Rest, Build, and Fight
The Jewish Currents editorial staff discusses how its relationship to work and political struggle is shifting in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
The Editors March 25, 2020
Adam Sandler
An Unserious Man
The Jewish Currents editorial staff reflects on Uncut Gems.
The Editors January 23, 2020
Menorah Lighting
Envisioning Solidarity
What would a meaningful response to the recent spate of attacks on Orthodox Jews look like?
The Editors January 6, 2020