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Another Successful Year

September 13, 2013

by Lawrence Bush

Another successful year hiding from God
(Motherfucking God)
behind this poem
behind my newspaper
behind that large slice of chocolate cake
which I intend to purchase and eat and digest

Another successful year evading the Decree
by ducking behind my avalanche of work,
by joining the mob of people
who once in a while think about me,
they think, Oh yeah, him. Nice.

GOD TUNING PEGAnother successful year dodging angels (Excuse me, please)
and their regularly scheduled miracles (Not now, please)
Another year of brisk strolls down Meaningless Lane
towards the gorgeous sunset, which I watch in wonder
until I’m bored

Another year
practicing my frowns for when I’ll need them
Another year in my closet
me and my shadow
fully dressed,
looking good,
and waiting for the Surprise Party
to begin

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