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An Interview with Tamar Zinn

Nicholas Jahr
May 8, 2015

Tang_49Over at 365 Artists 365 Days, Jewish Currents editorial board member and painter Tamar Zinn is interviewed about her work, particularly her new series Blacks and Whites and Tangle. It’s tempting (but maybe too easy?) to see the former as her most recent experiments in color and the latter as her most recent in line, but intriguingly, she talks about both in terms of space:

My work now has a much richer surface texture and increased spatial uncertainty, but at the same time it is compositionally restrained and executed with a very limited palette.

The textures really do look gorgeous — since there are only three images accompanying the interview we won’t steal any of 365’s thunder — and it’s tantalizingly hard to get your bearings. This is challenging work that really does invite you to think about space and the means used to create it.

Then again, maybe there are two kinds of people in the world and I’m the Blacks and Whites kind. Which are you?

Nicholas Jahr is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn and a member of Jewish Currents’ editorial board. In the past he has written for the magazine about comics, film, the diaspora, Israeli elections, and Palestinian nonviolence. His work has appeared in the International New York Times, The Nation, City & State, and the Village Voice (RIP).