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Jewish Currents is grateful to our very own “Elders of Zion,” and for the monthly contributions that help sustain our work:

Anthony Arnove

Samuel Bagenstos

Rebecca Bailin

Jonathan Bloch

Raphael Cohen-Fuentes

Prudence Crowther

Gayle Dakof

Danielle Durchslag

Zoe Eddy

Deborah Eisenberg

Hassan Ahmed Elmasry

Barbara Epstein

Maia Ettinger

Joanne B. Faycurry

Omar Fayoumi

Michael D. Felsen

Chuck Flacks

Zachary Gelnaw-Rubin

David Goodman

Zachary Graham

Gabriel Granatstein

Susan B. Levine

Ezra Levinson

Melissa Levy

Jonathan Matz

Mark E. Meyer

Sarah Anne Minkin

Helen Mintz

Nicole Morse

Preston Neimeiser

Stephen Nissenbaum

Harry Ostrer

Jean Riesman

Richard Robbins

Becca Rose

Benjamin Ross

Jessica Salomon

Wallace Shawn

Jay Shifman

Eric Stone

Allan Tobin

(List updated as of February 7th, 2024)

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