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Summer 2017

Lawrence Bush
June 21, 2017

The Editors on “EARTH to Trump: People Are in Motion on the Environment”

Raina Lipsitz, “Bye, Bye, Boys’ Club: Women in an Expanding Comedy Scene”

Ron Skolnik, “Fifty Years, and Still No End in Sight”

Sam Weissman, “Why I’m (Still) a Marxist” vs. Lawrence Bush, “Why I’m Not (Still) a Marxist”

Dusty Sklar, “From Job Loss to Guaranteed Basic Income”

Marc Jampole on “Why Immigration — Legal or Illegal — Is Good for the Country”

Dorothy Zellner, “If It’s Not Genocide, What Word Should We Use?”

Marah Birnbaum, “Living Communally as a Teen in Israel”

Ruth Miller, “The Father of Reproductive Rights in Canada”

Alessio Franko on “The Americans”

Susan Reimer-Torn on Sholem Asch’s “God of Vengeance”

D. Zhonzinsky, “Betting on the Dodgers and Organizing for Spain”

Sam K. Rodin, “Erich Fromm’s Humanistic Judaism”

Mitchell Abidor, “Hitler and the Art of the Deal”

Hershl Hartman, “Splits in the Yiddish Socialist Movement — and What We Can Learn from Them”

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​​​​Lawrence Bush edited Jewish Currents from 2003 until 2018. He is the author of Bessie: A Novel of Love and Revolution and Waiting for God: The Spiritual Explorations of a Reluctant Atheist, among other books. His new volume of illustrated Torah commentaries, American Torah Toons 2, is scheduled for publication this year.