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Summer 2015

June 14, 2015

The Editorial Board on Fossil-Fuel Divestment; on Immigration; on Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

Mark Levy on Free Speech and Hillel

Allan Lichtenstein on Income Inequality and Public Opinion

Ron Skolnik on Netanyahu’s New Clothes

Helen Engelhardt on Muriel Rukeyser

Mimi Bluestone on the Fossil-Fuel Divestment Movement: Where Are the Jews?

Megaphone: An Interview with Jewish Activists Fighting Ultra-Orthodox Shenanigans in New York

Cynthia F. Weisfield on My Grandmother the Bootlegger

Cartoons by Kate Poole and Joey Perr

Poetry by Marc Jampole, Pinny Bulman, Zev Shaken, and Corey Weinstein

A Visual History of the American Jewish Left

Esther Cohen’s Life in Books

Alice Radosh on Synchronicity and the Secular Mind

Robert Kleiner and Gerry Kane on Reclaiming Kurt Lewin

Poems by Abraham Sutzkever, translated by Barnett Zumoff

Paul Buhle on Harvey Kurtzman and MAD Magazine

Diana Scott on Dancing Jewish

Mitchell Abidor on Lincoln and the Jews