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May 23, 2013
When I was finally clued in to the existence of Google Analytics last year and learned that the Jewish Currents website was attracting more than eleven thousand unique visitors a month and some two million page views per year, I suddenly realized that our site wasn't simply an extra goody for our magazine subscribers. was opening doors to a whole new readership — and it was time for a redesign. On Sale Today!The fact is that our 68-year-old, progressive Jewish magazine has grown into a small, progressive Jewish media non-profit over the past four years, and it's all reflected here. There are articles from the magazine, of course (and we urge you subscribe to make your mailbox shine with beautiful print material). You can also read our bloggers, who range in age from 19 to 90, along with articles that don't appear in the magazine. You can sign on to receive JEWDAYO, our daily blast of Jewish knowledge and pride. You can visit our new JCultcha Gallery and multi-media room. At our Pushcart, you can see and buy the books we publish — along with our Sholem Aleichem Bobblehead Doll and other works of art, kitsch, and comedy. At the Sid Resnick Archive, you can see what our radical Jewish forbears were saying in the pages of this magazine going back to 1946. You can learn about our annual national poetry competition, and about poetry readings, salons, and other political and cultural events that we're sponsoring. You can get cozy with us at Facebook and Twitter. Finally, you can discover Jewish Currents as a non-profit institution that deserves your support and knows how to transmute your moolah into a wealth of creative communications — all aimed at renewing the idea that Jewish identity is, at its best, countercultural, an identity of dissent and free thought that aims us towards, and offers tools for, changing the world. JC Fund Drive 10 lastMany thanks to Gabe Zimmer at for his design work, competence, and good cheer. Thanks also to Rich Kelley, our marketing meyvn, for helping to conceptualize this site; to Kabren Levinson (we knew ya when!), who first gave us our WordPress know-how; to Nicholas Jahr, who not only writes for us, but helps keep this site from the path of tohu wa-bohu, darkness and chaos; and to Esther Cohen, who is curating the JCultcha Gallery and instructing us about shoes, film, fiction, and other good things. Finally, a special thanks to our readers who participated in our ampersand campaign and helped us raise $10,000 towards the website redesign and our general expansion, and to the Puffin Foundation, Ltd., which has been key in preserving Jewish Currents and allowing us to work our tushes off. We'll never be part of the Misfortune 500, we may outlive the bunch of them, as long as we have friends like these. —Lawrence Bush, Editor