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O My America: Blessings for 5776

September 2, 2015

by Lawrence Bush


in this Jewish new year

the 5776th year

of the young Earth of the old Testament

only 4,000 years older than your Declaration

I bless you

I wish for your

Abundance to flow

like your rivers through your valleys,

for your

Immigrant voice

to sing like gathering birds in late afternoon,

for your

Children to run patterns on your diamonds, courts, and fields,

for your

Ex-slaves to be paid richly from every harvest

I wish for your genius

to free us from unneeded labor

to free us to love our lives together

I wish for your name

to be invoked

not in lust but in gratitude

like the name of a mother

who sees to the family

with fire, salt, and lullabyes.

I wish for your might

to be harnessed

like a pony to a buggy

on a spring morning

as the dew lifts

and we, in pursuit of happiness,

go bouncing along.

Lawrence Bush is the editor of Jewish Currents.