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Weekly Roundup - 4/10/23

This week: From the Rest issue, Rona Lorimer’s project, “Dreams from Confinement,” collects dreams from the early days of the pandemic lockdowns, offering a new space for future-casting and connectedness. And from the newsletter, associate editor Mari Cohen does a deep dive into the Anti-Defamation League’s methods and findings in their latest antisemitism audit.

Last week was a short week for Jewish Currents as our staff celebrated Passover, so there will be no Tuesday newsletter tomorrow. We’ll be back next week with more original reporting on Israel/Palestine.

In honor of the holiday, we also wanted to share two of our favorite Passover pieces from years’ past: editor-in-chief Arielle Angel’s essay “Exodus from Now,” which considers the quality of pandemic time alongside the commandment to make and keep the calendar; and the introduction to our Slow Burn series, where senior editor Ari Brostoff, Sarah Chihaya, and Dan Sinykin begin their journey of reading the book of Exodus, writing epistolary reflections along the way.

Dreams Under Confinement
Mapping the pandemic’s collective unconscious
Rona Lorimer
The ADL’s Antisemitism Findings, Explained
The organization’s annual audit found a worrisome surge in incidents—but experts say some of its numbers lack context.
Mari Cohen
Exodus From Now
Reflections from quarantine on the Jewish commandment to make a calendar.
Arielle Angel
noah's ark
Slow Burn: Quarantine Edition
Exodus: An Introduction
The Bible is long and the length of our self-isolation uncertain, so we decided to read the Book of Exodus.
Ari M. Brostoff, Sarah Chihaya, and Dan Sinykin