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Weekly Roundup - 11/27/23

This week: In the Tuesday newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane explores Israel advocates’ campaign to target Students for Justice for Palestine on charges of “material support for terrorism.”

In a new analysis piece, historian Jeff Schuhrke outlines the dilemma of organized labor’s enduring entanglement with the weapons industry—and mobilizes labor history to chart a just path forward.

In light of the Anti-Defamation League’s discordant response to Elon Musk, we are sharing our 2021 report on how the group’s civil rights mandate has strained against its pro-Israel advocacy. And following Geert Wilders’ victory in the Dutch election, we are also sending Nicolaas P. Barr’s article about the mainstreaming of far-right ideas in the Netherlands.

The Push to “Deactivate” Students for Justice in Palestine
Civil liberties experts say a law banning “material support for terrorism” is being used to quash pro-Palestine speech.
Alex Kane
The Problem of the Unionized War Machine
Union workers in the US weapons industry present a paradox for anti-war labor activists, but a history of “conversion” campaigns offers a route through the impasse.
Jeff Schuhrke

From the Archive

How the ADL’s Israel Advocacy Undermines Its Civil Rights Work
Interviews with eight former ADL employees found that CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has repeatedly chosen to support crackdowns on criticism of Israel over protecting civil liberties, putting him in conflict with his own civil rights office.
Alex Kane and Jacob Hutt
The New Dutch Far Right
Thierry Baudet and the party he leads are laundering racist politics into the mainstream.
Nicolaas P. Barr

Before you go: After Thanksgiving, we know how talking to your families who are supportive of Israel’s war on Gaza has weighed on many of you—as it does on many of us. We plan to talk about it, but we need your help. In a collaboration with the podcast Unsettled, we’re collecting your stories of how you’re navigating conversations with your families, friends, and communities in this moment: What has struck you most in these interactions? In conversations about politics, what has worked in getting through to your loved ones, and what hasn’t? How are you managing these relationship, or coping with your feelings about them? Does this feel similar to political arguments you’ve had in the past or like an entirely new challenge? To tell us about this, we hope you’ll leave us a voicemail at 347-878-1359. Please include your first name and location—or neither if you wish to remain completely anonymous. We’ll be taking messages on this subject until Tuesday, November 28th, and we will play and talk through a selection of these messages in an upcoming episode of On the Nose.