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Weekly Roundup - 10/24/22

This week: Joshua Leifer discusses the surge in Israeli settler violence in the West Bank as Palestinian armed resistance gathers steam. The Activestills collective catalogues the ongoing struggle in photos.

Allen Lipson excavates the deradicalizing origins of conservative Judaism. Aparna Gopalan speaks to labor lawyer Benjamin Dictor about employers’ latest legal assault on the right to strike.

From our Summer 2022 issue “Office Hours,” Camila Valle interviews activist Mabel Bellucci about the successful tactics of the Argentinian abortion movement, and Ana Božičević offers a poetic reflection on the profundity of everydayness.

For our podcast, Rebecca Pierce, Adam Serwer, and Arielle Angel discuss the antisemitic comments of Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, and what conversations around Ye highlight about Black–Jewish discourse.

Israeli Settler Violence Surges as Palestinians Turn to Armed Resistance
The increase in settler violence is part of an intensification of Israeli repression—which also includes a closure on Shuafat, preventing Palestinians from leaving for work or study.
Joshua Leifer and Activestills
The Sanitizing of Conservative Judaism
Conservative Judaism’s origins lie in a donor plan to neutralize and refine the radical Jewish immigrant masses.
Allen Lipson
The Legal Offensive on the Right to Strike
With a new Supreme Court case, employers are seeking to curb labor’s growing assertiveness on the shop floor.
Aparna Gopalan
Office Hours
Office Hours: Mabel Bellucci
“It was no longer necessary to have one group raise the question of abortion. Abortion became a pillar of all the fronts and coalitions.”
Camila Valle
Everyday People

"Everyday people do impossible things / Bury their child on a warm / Spring day then make / A fresh pot of coffee."

Ana Božičević

Is there any path to solidarity between those targeted by Ye’s anti-Black and antisemitic ideas?