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In Sandy’s Wake: New Work from Jonah Markowitz

October 28, 2013
Markowitz carJonah Markowitz, whose photos of the storm-ravaged Rockaways were featured in our Summer 2013 issue (see what you’re missing?), has continued documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Over the weekend, several of his photos were featured in the New York Times. They accompany fisherman James Culleton’s blunt, understated account of the storm:
Now all hell breaks loose. The wind’s howling, the rain’s cutting you like a knife in the face. And the wires are arcing and sparking on the side of the house.
Jonah has actually been shadowing Culleton for nearly a year, and the photos featured in the NYT are just a small sample of a larger photo essay, which you can see at his website. It’s worth a look. Culleton lost just about everything in the hurricane, and Jonah’s work is bracingly intimate, even as he captures Culleton at the inevitable distance always posed by pain this intense and personal. It’s a rare glimpse into one man’s suffering, one of the city’s farther corners, and a way of life that may be at an end.