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Ludwig Fulda and the Nazis

Lawrence Bush
July 6, 2017

German playwright Ludwig Fulda, winner of the Schiller Prize for his 1892 comedy, Der Talisman, first president of PEN in Germany (1925-32), and president of the Prussian Academy of Arts (1928), was born in Frankfurt on this date in 1862. Fulda wrote political plays that were “remarkable for their clever stage effects and insight into social problems,” according to the Jewish Virtual Library, and several were adapted into films. He also translated Moliere, Beaumarchais, Rostand, Shakespeare, Ibsen and other great writers. The rise of the Nazis in 1933 stripped him of influence and then his possessions, and when he was denied entry into the U.S. in 1939, he committed suicide.

“If criticism impairs your pride in your work, then take comfort in the thought that you do not always read good reviews of God’s greatest masterpiece, the world.”

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