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January 30: Hitler’s Last Speech

January 30, 2013

Hitler cartoonIn his last public speech, broadcast on this date in 1945, the twelfth anniversary of his ascent to power in 1933, Adolf Hitler declared that the struggle against "Jewish Asiatic bolshevism had been raging long before National Socialism came into power," but that he had strengthened the "natural resistance stamina of our people" to withstand the Jewish infection that sought "systematically to undermine our nation from within." Hitler warned that after the war, the European nations would not be able to withstand "bolshevism," and called upon "every able-bodied German to fight with the complete disregard for his personal safety; I expect the sick and the weak or those otherwise unavailable for military duty to work with their last strength; I expect city dwellers to forge the weapons for this struggle and I expect the farmer to supply the bread for the soldiers and workers of this struggle by imposing restrictions upon himself; I expect all women and girls to continue supporting this struggle with utmost fanaticism."

"The Kremlin Jews are moved exclusively by tactical considerations in their decisions to proceed with brute force in one case and temporary restraint in the other." —Adolf Hitler