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Autumn 2015

September 14, 2015

Special 70th Anniversary Issue, focused on Jewish Resistance to Nazism

Lawrence Bush, “Remember Jews Who Fought Back,” an introductory essay

Hershl Hartman, “Remembering the Jewish Resistance”

Isak Arbus, “Roza Robota, a Heroine of the Auschwitz Uprising”

Thomas Blatt, “The Uprising in Sobibor: A Participant’s Report”

Leonard Tushnet, “The Little Doctor”

Hirsh Smoliar, “The Sheep Were Legend — The Wolves Were Real”

Emanuel Ringelblum, “Comrade Mordecai”

John Ranz, “Saving Children in Buchenwald”

Morris U. Schappes, “Resistance Is the Lesson”

Anna Wrobel, “Protecting the Victims Again”

Yuri Suhl, “A Song Heard ’Round the World”

Mitchell Abidor, translations of “The Farewell Letters of the Manouchian Group”

Isabel Pearlman, “The Legacy of Hannah Senesh”

and much, much more