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    Poland's New Holocaust Law Is Bad, But Not the Worst

    April 25, 2018Dovid Katz

    The law is an overreaction to some common mischaracterizations of Poland’s role in the Holocaust, but it's far from the worst example of legal revisionism in Europe.

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    The "Double Genocide" Theory

    November 22, 2017Dovid Katz

    THE NEW AND OFFICIAL FORM OF HOLOCAUST DENIAL by Dovid Katz from the Autumn 2017 issue of Jewish Currents Photo at top: A scene from the June 1941 Lietukis Garage Massacre in Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania. An eyewitness wrote: “The behavior of the civilians present (women and children) was unbelievable. After each man had been killed they began to clap and when the national anthem started up they joined in singing and clapping.”   AMERICA WAS JOLTED this past summer not only by a neo-Nazi eve...

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    When "Putin" Becomes an Excuse for Hitler-Glorification

    October 10, 2016Dovid Katz

    Caption for photo above: A typical East European whitewash in the text on this museum panel that tries to cover for the widespread outbreak of murder of Jews by Lithuanian nationalists (particularly those affiliated with the Lithuanian Activist Front or LAF), in many cases before the arrival of German forces, in the days following the onset of the Nazi invasion of June 22, 1941. The text also attempts to "fix" the collaboration of the "provisional government." This display board is from the main...

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    The Neocons and Holocaust Revisionism in Eastern Europe, Continued

    July 26, 2014Dovid Katz

    Part Two by Dovid Katz To read Part One, click here. IT HAS BECOME WIDELY UNDERSTOOD that the unique lessons of the Holocaust, including recognition of the potential morphing of racial hate into a program of genocide, are of major educational importance for inoculating future generations against its happening to anyone else, anywhere else. Reflecting on the Holocaust as a major chapter of barbarism in European history also gives us a needed pause to help assure the retention of essential ethic...

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    The Neocons and Holocaust Revisionism in Eastern Europe

    July 23, 2014Dovid Katz

    Part One by Dovid Katz To read Part Two, click here. IF THE INEXPLICABLY POWERFUL neoconservatives (“neocons”) and their fellow-travelers could have had something to do with the initiation of a war in Iraq, on a premise of claimed weapons of mass destruction, and in the absence of links between Saddam Hussein and 9-11; If they can carry on as before in the wake of the mass suffering and decline in American prestige empirically resulting from that and other military misadventures; If they hav...

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    Proletpen and American Yiddish Poetry

    November 14, 2006Dovid Katz

    How the Left was Excluded from the Yiddish Canon by Dovid Katz History, they say, is written by the victors. That is the case not only for the military history of nation-states; it can even apply within the heritage of stateless minority cultures and in the university study of their literatures, where there should theoretically be no winners or losers. In the 1950s, Yiddish literature was beginning to win respect as a serious endeavor in an American Jewish society that had a less-than-profound...

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