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Weekly Roundup - 12/11/23

This week: Associate editor Mari Cohen reports from the March for Israel on how progressive Jewish groups have snapped back into the mainstream Jewish establishment since October 7th.

In our newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane delves into Palestine advocates’ uphill battle to charge the US with complicity in Israeli war crimes.

From our fall issue, we are sharing Suzanne Schneider’s profile of Yoram Hazony, the founder of the National Conservatism movement, which aims to export Israel’s illiberal model to nationalists worldwide.

Finally, we are sharing the latest episode of the On The Nose podcast—in collaboration with Unsettled—which draws on dozens of voicemails from our listeners discussing the pain and potential of talking to oppositional family members about Israel’s war on Gaza.

Progressive Zionists Choose a Side
In attending the November 14th March for Israel and refusing to call for a ceasefire, many progressive Jewish groups have cast their lot with the Jewish mainstream.
Mari Cohen
Building the Case for US Complicity
Despite stacked odds, Palestine advocates are pursuing legal avenues to charge American officials with aiding and abetting Israeli war crimes.
Alex Kane
Light Among The Nations
For Yoram Hazony, the founder of the National Conservative movement, Israel is an illiberal model for the international nationalist brigade.
Suzanne Schneider
Talking to Our Families