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Weekly Roundup - 01/22/24

This week: In our newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane and fellow Jonathan Shamir explain how Israel’s war on Gaza is spreading into a broader regional conflict.

From our Fall 2023 issue, Hannah Gold speaks with Kathy Ottersten about the history of harm reduction and ACT UP’s organizing for needle exchange.

Following Germany’s announcement that it will intervene in defense of Israel at the International Court of Justice, we are sharing two podcasts from our archive on how the abuse of Holocaust memory in Germany is strangling Palestinian activism and identity.

And on the anniversary of the police killing of “Stop Cop City” activist Manuel “Tortuguita” Paez Terán, we are also sending you the Atlanta-based Fayer Collective’s manifesto on the relationship between destruction, capitalism, and the Jewish concept of the Shmita year.

Regional War: An Explainer
Answers to common questions about the broadening war in the Middle East.
Alex Kane and Jonathan Shamir
Office Hours
Kathy Ottersten
“You take the risk to save lives. Maybe that’s how you love people.”
Hannah Gold

From the Archive

The Trouble with Germany, Part 1
The Trouble with Germany, Part II
Shmita Means Total Destroy
A manifesto from the threatened Atlanta forest
Fayer Collective