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Reporting from Occupied Territory: A Conversation with Palestinian Freelance Journalists

TUESDAY, October 18th, at 12 pm Eastern:

The recent murder of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by Israeli forces while she was reporting from the occupied West Bank highlighted the extraordinary dangers Palestinian journalists face. According to Reporters Without Borders, in the past four years, Israeli forces have attacked more than 140 Palestinian journalists with bullets, tear gas, or other weapons. Since 2000, more than 30 Palestinian journalists have been killed.

Still, Palestinian journalists continue working to tell the stories of the Israeli occupation, the global networks that sustain it, and the multidimensional truths of Palestinian life. Many of them are freelancers, working without the financial, legal, or political protections of stable employment—and often for low and unreliable pay—who must exercise extraordinary creativity both to protect their own safety to the best of their ability, as well as to subvert the bias and censorship of international media.

Join journalists Lara Aburamadan and Dalia Hatuqa for a discussion about autonomy, precarity, storytelling, and politics, moderated by New York Times Magazine contributing writer Rozina Ali. This event is co-sponsored by Jewish Currents and the Freelance Solidarity Project.

This live event and its recording will have automated closed captioning. For accommodation requests or questions about accessibility, please reach out to