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Three Upcoming Live Events!

TOMORROW, February 8th, at 12 pm Eastern, Jewish Currents invites you to join Sam Bahour, Emily Siegel, Ilana Sumka, and Peter Beinart for a conversation about the ethics of organized travel to Israel/Palestine.

Last December, Jewish Currents provoked a public conversation about organized travel to Israel/Palestine by mistakenly publishing, and then apologizing for publishing, an ad promoting a free trip to Israel for young American Jews.

How should Jewish groups respond to the fact that American Jews can travel freely to Israel/Palestine when travel for Palestinians—both in the Diaspora and on the ground—is severely limited? How can it benefit but also burden Palestinians to host Jewish travelers seeking to better understand Palestinian experiences? How can Americans of all backgrounds challenge travel restrictions that prevent Palestinians and others who support Palestinian rights from visiting Palestine/Israel themselves? We’ll discuss these issues with three panelists who have grappled deeply with these questions in their life and work.

FRIDAY, February 25th, at 12 pm Eastern, Jewish Currents invites you to join Peter Beinart and Ahmad Khalidi for a discussion of the history of Palestinian nationalism.

Ahmad Samih Khalidi is currently an Academic Visitor at St Antony’s College, Oxford; an Associate Fellow at the Geneva Center for Security Policy, Geneva; and a Policy Member at Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network. He is the co-editor of the Journal of Palestine Studies (Arabic edition) published by the Institute for Palestine Studies (Beirut), and served as advisor to the Palestinian delegation at the Madrid/Washington and Cairo-Taba talks from 1991–1993. He was co-chair of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences project on Israeli-Palestinian security from 1993–1995 and Associate Fellow of the Middle East program at Chatham House, London from 1995–96. He has been active in Palestinian politics for over 35 years and has written widely on Middle Eastern political and strategic affairs in both English and Arabic.