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Party Reminder 9/21/22

TOMORROW: Thursday, September 22nd at 7 pm Eastern

Join us and fellow Jewish Currents fans at Chilo’s outdoor patio (their Greenwood location)! Grab a drink or a snack, check out the summer issue, and snag a new Jewish Currents tote.

SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Lisa offering free, unlicensed psychotherapy to party attendees. Dr. Lisa Levy S.P. (Self-Proclaimed) has been performing psychotherapy on the radio, on stage, on the street and in her studio since 2001, and now she’s coming to the Jewish Currents issue launch party. She’s better than a lot of certified shrinks because psychoanalysis and therapy is not a job for her, it’s an obsession. Dr. Lisa gets to the essence of what makes people tick, attempts to raise their self-awareness a bit, and maybe helps solve some issues along the way. She doesn’t screw around either, why waste time since she’s not making money on having people come back?

Accessibility information:

Chilo’s Greenwood (there are two Brooklyn locations so make sure you go to the right one!) is comprised of a large outdoor patio, with a bar and food trucks. The patio, restrooms, and all spaces are wheelchair accessible. The bar will be open to the public, so we strongly encourage vaccinations against Covid-19 and mask use indoors, but they are not mandated. For further accessibility questions or accommodations, please reach out to