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Dear reader,

In advance of the release of our Winter Issue, we’re excited to announce a special offer with our friends at Lux Magazine: subscribe to both and save over 30%.

Why Jewish Currents and Lux?

Subscribe to receive our award-winning magazine, featuring the same in-depth reporting and analysis you enjoy from Jewish Currents online, delivered straight to your door. We’ll send you three beautifully designed issues and our special winter gift. If you subscribe this week, you can also receive a year of issues from our friends at Lux, whose left-wing feminist glossy has made waves with a profile in Teen Vogue and emerged as a leading voice in the renewed fight for reproductive freedom, publishing a new book on abortion politics with Verso. Together, our magazines are at the forefront of a new generation of progressive thought.

Today, you can do two good things at once: nourish the politics of a loved one all year long, and back the journalists, writers, and artists who make up the Jewish Currents and Lux communities. (And we won’t hold it against you if you get these subs for yourself! There won’t be a better moment all year.)

Two brilliant magazines: $50. Your friend, relative, or colleague thinking of your generosity seven times in 2023: priceless. Subscribe to Jewish Currents and Lux today.

Here’s to everyone working to turn the political tide!

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