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Daniel May Fundraiser

Dear readers and supporters,

It’s an honor to introduce myself as the new publisher of Jewish Currents. I know some of you have been readers of the magazine for decades, sustaining a vital left perspective on matters of Jewish life and politics; and I know many of you, like me, have come to Currents more recently and have found in its pages a source of hope in dark times. As an organizer with undocumented immigrants in California, assisted living workers in New England, and Jewish anti-occupation students across the country, and as a teacher of modern Jewish thought and history, I didn’t realize until finding Currents that I was looking for the community represented in its pages.

Over my first few weeks in this position, people have regularly asked me: What’s your vision for Jewish Currents? It’s an easy question to answer. My vision for Currents is that it grows—and that it grows as the politics which it stands for grows. In the coming years, our country will either veer more deeply into authoritarian white nationalism or strive toward a democracy in which all those who labor share in wealth and all those who live here share in rule. An interconnected story will unfold in Israel, which will either continue its program of dispossession and assault or be transformed by the Palestinian struggle for freedom and dignity.

The stakes are clear; the question is what organizations, strategies, and resources we need to meet these challenges. I took this job because I believe—I know—that one of the things we need is Jewish Currents.

To ensure our work can continue, I’m asking you to support the magazine today.

If you’re not a subscriber, subscribe.

If you’re already a subscriber, renew.

And either way, make a donation.

With your support, Currents has established itself as one of the most important outlets in Jewish media, and a crucial voice in left politics. Over the last five years our subscriptions have increased over 300%, and our work is consistently cited by major news outlets, writers, and pundits. Together, we are building a community of readers, writers, organizers, thinkers, and leaders that are reshaping culture and politics in the American Jewish community and beyond.

But the obstacles to growing this community are immense. One of the many signs of the depth of the challenge is just how hard it is to sustain a magazine like ours. If you’re reading this, you likely know how many right-leaning Jewish publications there are, and how much money is behind them. You also surely know how many independent journalistic endeavors fail. Currents can only survive because of you, so I’m asking you to support our work today.

If you rely on Currents for incisive commentary, in-depth reporting, elegant criticism, powerful poetry, and unapologetic argument, then please subscribe, renew, and donate.

Every dollar goes to supporting our staff, producing the magazine, and building the Jewish Currents community.

In the coming months, you’ll hear more from us as we launch events in cities around the country, host online discussions, and continue to provide challenging writing and reporting. We look forward to building this community, and this world, with all of you.

In solidarity,

Daniel May