The Myth of Israel’s ‘Moral Army,’ with Peter Beinart and Avner Gvaryahu of Breaking the Silence

March 21, 2024

Join Jewish Currents’s editor-at-large Peter Beinart for a conversation with Avner Gvaryahu, executive director of Breaking the Silence—an organization of Israeli military veterans who oppose the occupation. They will discuss Gvaryahu’s recent Foreign Affairs essay, “The Myth of Israel’s ‘Moral Army,’” as part of a broader conversation about the Israeli military’s actions in their devastating war on Gaza.

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Avner Gvaryahu is executive director of Breaking the Silence, an Israeli nongovernmental organization formed by veterans of the Israeli army.

Peter Beinart teaches national reporting and opinion writing at the Newmark J-School and political science at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is editor-at-large for Jewish Currents, an MSNBC political commentator, and a fellow at the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

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