Authors / Jonathan Shamir

Jonathan Shamir is a Jewish Currents fellow and the former deputy editor of Haaretz.

Weeping for Babylon
Avi Shlaim discusses the factors behind the exodus of Iraqi Jews and how the concept of the “Arab-Jew” can chart an alternative future.
Zvi Ben-Dor Benite April 15, 2024
Between Exclusion and Exploitation
Israel’s far right wants to permanently replace Palestinian workers, but employing them has become key to maintaining the occupation.
Jonathan Shamir March 20, 2024
Pro-Palestine Politics Hit a Wall in Keir Starmer’s Labour Party
The leadership of the UK’s main opposition party has managed to contain internal dissent over Israel’s war on Gaza.
Dahlia Krutkovich and Jonathan Shamir February 27, 2024
“The Scenes in Rafah Are Straight From a Nightmare”
Three displaced Palestinians describe unlivable conditions in a city bracing for imminent Israeli invasion.
Zak Hania, Ahmed Totah, and Sameera Wafi February 20, 2024
“Even as We Are Trying to Help, We Are Being Attacked”
Three humanitarian workers in Gaza describe the challenges of providing aid while struggling to survive.
Jameel, Juliette Touma, and Mohammed Al Khatib January 23, 2024
Regional War: An Explainer
Answers to common questions about the broadening war in the Middle East.
Alex Kane and Jonathan Shamir January 17, 2024
Israel’s “Humanitarian” Expulsion
The Israeli right is capitalizing on the aftermath of October 7th to build support for a permanent transfer of Palestinians out of Gaza.
Jonathan Shamir December 12, 2023
Israel’s War on Journalists
By casting reporters as Hamas accomplices, Israel seeks to discredit critical coverage—and to justify unprecedented violence against Palestinian journalists.
Jonathan Shamir November 15, 2023
An Anti-Palestinian Crackdown Across Europe
European leaders are responding to growing pro-Palestine protests with an unprecedented wave of repression.
Jonathan Shamir October 26, 2023
Gazan Workers Stuck in Purgatory After Israel Revokes Permits
In what human rights groups call “a prohibited act of vengeance,” Israel has stripped Gazan workers of their legal status, detaining many without trial.
Jonathan Shamir October 19, 2023
The Hamas Attacks and Israeli Response: An Explainer
An explainer answering readers’ questions about the situation in Israel/Palestine after October 7th.
Alex Kane, Mari Cohen, Jonathan Shamir, and Isaac Scher October 10, 2023