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THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has escalated the ongoing housing crisis in the United States, putting countless people at risk of losing their homes, while also creating an opportunity to push for radical housing proposals. We asked writers, organizers, and a politician to weigh in on how the coronavirus is likely to shape the American housing landscape, and how the left can respond to the immediate emergency while building a just housing future.

On Redistributing Vacant Housing: Jenny Akchin and Lynn Lewis
It’s never been more urgent to turn our cities’ vacant living spaces into housing for the homeless.

On Preventing Pandemic Displacement: Samuel Stein
We must improve the housing that helps illness spread—without displacing the people who live there.

On Avoiding the New Foreclosure Crisis: Oksana Mironova
Avoiding another foreclosure crisis means pressuring lawmakers to put the brakes on speculative behavior.

On Homes for All: Rep. Ilhan Omar
In the short term, we need to cancel rent and mortgages. In the longer term, we need to decommodify housing.