American Jews Line Up Against the Trump Ban

by Ron Skolnik WITH NOT MUCH to smile about since Inauguration Day, it has been heartening to see the nearly undivided reaction of the American Jewish community to Donald Trump’s January 27 Executive Order (EO) on immigration and refugee admission – widely considered to constitute a Muslim ban. With one or two glaring exceptions — […]

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Anti-Semitism: It’s Back!

PROGRESSIVES HAD BETTER DEAL WITH IT An Editorial from the Summer 2016 issue of Jewish Currents THERE IS OFTEN a reluctance on the part of the left, even among progressive Jews, to “make a big deal” out of anti-Semitism, particularly when we see the issue exploited by conservatives to blunt or censor criticism of Israel, […]

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The Other Zionist Election: The One for Americans

by Ralph Seliger THE ORGANIZATION FOUNDED IN 1897 by Theodor Herzl to establish a modern Jewish state still exists. It’s called the World Zionist Organization, and it’s guided by resolutions of the World Zionist Congress, which convenes at four-year intervals. In the United States, there is an election going on at this very moment, with […]

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