Bruce H. Bernstein: A “Listening Tour,” #9

It’s 6am Saturday morning here in Jaffa (Yafo in Hebrew), our last day, but I’m writing about yesterday, 11/11/11. I did not know that those numbers had special significance. Restaurants were jammed with people celebrating, and we passed many weddings in the Arab sections. We started the day with breakfast at the Haddad Hotel in […]

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Bruce H. Bernstein: A “Listening Tour,” # 3

During the morning circle on Friday we were introduced to our partner/driver for the day, Khamis Ghosheh, peace builder and former manager of the Palestinian Delegation Leaders Program of Seeds of Peace. Tamer, our regular driver was taking a day of training in his learning to be a facilitator. We left for the southern section […]

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Elliott Abrams on ‘the Settlement Obsession’

by Nicholas Jahr Today brought the news that the Netanyahu administration has approved the construction of 1,600 new apartments in East Jerusalem (with 2,700 more on deck and 930 already given the green light). Lest anyone think this might be a problem, former Bush administration official Elliott Abrams had taken to the pages of the […]

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