Why Be Anything? Why Be Jewish?

THE JEWISH-UNIVERSALIST DILEMMA by Adam Chalom from the Autumn 2017 issue of Jewish Currents   ONE HUNDRED and thirty years ago, a new language was born. It had regular rules and simple grammar, and could be learned in one tenth the time it takes to learn English. The inventor of Esperanto was a Polish Jewish doctor […]

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A Conversation with Bernard-Henri Lévy

by Mitchell Abidor Shortly after undertaking my review of Bernard-Henri Lévy’s The Genius of Judaism, but before completing it, I was able to interview Lévy before his conversation at the 92 Street Y ( January 11). He arrived late, so the interview, which was conducted in French, was brief. —M.A. Q: In 1968, during the […]

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Susan Reimer-Torn: Upper West Side #5

Gefilte Fish: Reflections on a Cultural Concoction by Susan Reimer-Torn When I extend my hand and say my name, followed by my husband’s, the lovely older woman focuses in intent concentration, trying to place us. Finally, she is satisfied with her recall. “Ah, yes,” says she, “Susan, Edmond, gefilte fish.” Now it’s my turn to […]

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