Jewish Advocacy for Increasing the Minimum Wage

by Seth Sandronsky TALK ABOUT HOT: The minimum wage went up in twenty-six states and the nation’s capital between January 1, 2014, and July 24, 2015, reports the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, DC. Support in part is coming from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the Service Employees International Union, and some Democratic […]

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Working and Organizing at Walmart

Low-Wage Workers Across the Country Take Action by Ben Lorber The work is grueling, tiresome and repetitive: loading nondescript boxes of all shapes, sizes and weights onto flatbed trucks to be shipped to Walmart retail stores here in Illinois and across the country. Alone or in pairs, we move in and out of the dark […]

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January 26: Organizing the Meat Cutters

The American Federation of Labor chartered the Amalgamated Meat Cutters Union, consolidating seven unions, in Chicago on this date in 1897. Originally a craft union with more than fifty divisions of labor, by World War I the Amalgamated was forced to open its ranks to immigrants, migrating Southern Blacks, and women, in the face of […]

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