The Last Resort: Trump and the Jewish Vote

by Albert Vorspan DEAR DONALD, The pundits are scoffing at you for playing musical chairs with your campaign manager, but I think you are very clever and, indeed, I suggest that you switch campaign managers daily to one specially qualified to awaken a sliver of the voting population that you need to resurrect ASAP. Now […]

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OpEdge: The American Contradiction

Democracy Needs Informed Citizens; Consumerism Needs Self-Centered Dolts by Marc Jampole THAT A FAILED real-estate developer turned reality TV star and brand marketer could win enough votes in Republican primaries to become the presumptive GOP nominee confirms the essential contradiction of a consumerist capitalist society organized as a representative democracy. Democracy requires well-informed, well-read, well-adjusted […]

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Protesting Trump in Chicago on Shabbat

by Rabbi Brant Rosen TWO WEEKS AGO, my congregation, Tzedek Chicago, cancelled its regularly scheduled Shabbat service in order to allow members to attend the Trump protest that was being held outside the UIC Pavilion. It just felt as if this was just too critical a moment to let pass by, particularly for a congregation […]

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