March 2: Murray Rothbard and Rightwing Libertarianism

Murray Rothbard, an economist and political theorist who was a founding father of modern rightwing libertarianism, was born in the Bronx on this date in 1926. (Rothbard was a first cousin to JEWDAYO editor Lawrence Bush, though 25 years older.) Rothbard described himself as an anarcho-libertarian and a “paleoconservative” who found “all socialism” to be […]

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Upper West Side: My Orthodox Weekend

by Susan Reimer-Torn I’VE BEEN WARNED that the Orthodox lifestyle in which I was brought up — modern, enlightened, advocating secular education for all genders — has moved far to the right. An unexpected invitation to attend an Orthodox version of a bat mitsve in Philadelphia this past weekend was my opportunity to experience that […]

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