Heinrich Heine and His Cousin, Karl Marx

by Marty Roth I have since then learned to value them [Jews] better, and, if every kind of pride of birth were not a foolish contradiction in a champion of revolution and democratic principles, the writer of these pages might be proud that his ancestors belonged to the noble House of Israel, that he is […]

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Is Luke Skywalker a Non-Jewish Jew?

by Aaron Dorman   I HEREBY DECLARE Luke Skywalker an honorary mentsh! I will be watching the new “Star Wars” film, The Last Jedi — Luke Skywalker’s first “talkie” in over thirty years —with great interest and great trepidation. That’s because, more than ever, he may be our only hope. We live in an age devoid of […]

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Isaac Deutscher Redux

THE NON-JEWISH JEW REVISITED by Michael Mirer Discussed in this essay: The Non-Jewish Jew, and Other Essays, by Isaac Deutscher. Published in a 50th anniversary edition by Verso, 2017, 176 pages.   WHAT MAKES a Jew a Jew? Are we an ethnic group? Religious? Racial? These questions of identity and politics (if not identity politics) are often […]

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