Is Luke Skywalker a Non-Jewish Jew?

by Aaron Dorman   I HEREBY DECLARE Luke Skywalker an honorary mentsh! I will be watching the new “Star Wars” film, The Last Jedi — Luke Skywalker’s first “talkie” in over thirty years —with great interest and great trepidation. That’s because, more than ever, he may be our only hope. We live in an age devoid of […]

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Redefining the American Superhero: The Martian

by Ilana Masad MOST SUPERHEROES, like the ones featured in the spate of Marvel and DC films in the past ten or so years, are American. There are exceptions (Black Widow has Russian origins; Superman is from another planet), but for the most part, the words “superhero” and “American” go snugly hand in fist. But […]

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Superman as Supermentsh

by Harry Brod From the Spring, 2012 issue of Jewish Currents. SUPERMAN, CREATED SEVENTY-SIX YEARS AGO, is one of the most well-known fictional figures in the world. We all know who he is ­— or at least we think we do. In the timeless words of the 1950s television series, he’s “a strange visitor from […]

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