Reparations to Jews By Lutherans?

From Lutheran Forum (New York), June-July, 1971, column by Editor Glenn C. Stone, “What If…” Originally published in the October, 1971 issue of Jewish Currents A RECENT VOLUME OF LUTHER’S WORKS, the last in a series on the Christian in society, prompts us to wonder what would have happened if Martin Luther had died before […]

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Jews & Negroes: Unity from Collision

by Coretta Scott King Originally published in the January, 1969 issue of Jewish Currents This address was delivered by Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr., at the Presidential Inaugural Spiritual Service at Brandeis University, October 4, 1968. THE QUESTION, “CAN THERE BE ONE AMERICA?” is one which requires careful thought and analysis. This is essentially a […]

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Women Unite for Desegregation

Washington Conference of National Organizations Plans Action for Equality by Billie Portnow Originally published in the May, 1960 issue of Jewish Currents The sit-down demonstrations by Negro students against discriminatory lunch counters which began Feb. 1st in Greensboro, N.C., were spreading rapidly throughout the South when a historic conference dealing with the same basic issue […]

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