STAT$: Guess How Much Museum Guards Are Earning

THE WORKING POOR AND THEIR FUTURE by Allan Lichtenstein   I HAVE BEEN READING Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 novel, It Can’t Happen Here. Early in the book, Doremus Jessop, the lead character, stops for gasoline at a garage at which Karl Pascal works. Pascal remarks: “[W]hat burns me up is the fact that even before this Depression, in what you folks called […]

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April 7: Jacques Loeb and Animal Tropism

Jacques Loeb, a German-born biologist who became one of the most famous scientists in America when Mark Twain wrote an essay in 1910 titled, “Dr. Loeb’s Incredible Discovery”, was born on this date in 1859. Loeb’s “incredible discovery” was that he could stimulate parthenogenesis — the development of eggs into embryos without the presence of […]

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