OpEdge: The American Grand Guignol

MASS MURDER AT A SCHOOL ONCE AGAIN WHILE RIGHTWING POLITICIANS MAKE EXCUSES FOR NOT TIGHTENING GUN LAWS by Marc Jampole TO BLAME MENTAL ILLNESS as the reason that Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old boy, used his legally purchased automatic weapon to kill 17 people at a Florida high school is to commit the logical fallacy to […]

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Trump’s Second Amendment Call is a Turning Point

by Alan Elsner Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made most American Jewish leaders, both secular and religious, deeply uncomfortable during his campaign for the White House. However, until now, many have stayed publicly silent on his candidacy. Trump’s intemperate talk against Muslims, women, immigrants, bereaved military families and others, as well as his campaign’s use […]

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Gun Control May Be a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

by Bennett Muraskin I RESPECTFULLY SUGGEST that “gun control” should not be accepted at face value by leftists. Take the current proposal to stop persons on the federal “no fly list” from buying guns. Such a ban would arguably affect innocent Arab and Muslim Americans who do not belong on that list to begin with. […]

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