O My America: 9/11 x 10 = Zero

by Lawrence Bush The commemoration of 9/11 has gone the way, for me, of Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Presidents Day: I experience it as near-empty spectacle, a day to feel isolated and alienated from the culture, in spite of myself. My sadness and horror about 9/11 are fresh, still accessible (I watched the Towers […]

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America, Bleeding

“Mission Accomplished” An Editorial It took the “miracle of the oil,” a one-day supply burning for eight days, to resanctify the temple in Jerusalem after the Syrian Greeks ran swine through it during the ancient days of the Maccabees. It will take a far greater miracle than that to restore the United States to sound […]

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Challenging Bush, Challenging Ourselves

There’s a Yiddish proverb (found in Nathan Ausubel’s A Treasury of Jewish Folklore) that applies well to the blanket news coverage of the war in Iraq: “When there’s too much of something, something is missing.” The “too much” in this case is the close-up, overwhelming military reporting, which has flooded America’s senses and emotions. What’s […]

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