December 25: Rod Serling

Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone (1959-1964) and one of the first screenwriters to recognize the potential of television for drama, was born on this day in 1924 in Syracuse, New York. A paratrooper in World War II, Serling suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome. He became an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War and […]

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Rod Serling and the Conscience of a Generation

by Marek Breiger “I would like television to produce some itching pills rather than this endless outpouring of tranquilizers . . .” —Edward R. Murrow Rod Serling, born eighty-five years ago on December 25th, 1924, was not only the creator of The Twilight Zone, but an important and irreplaceable mid-century American writer. He employed the […]

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